Christian Formation and Education

The Education Commission is the liaison between the parish council and those persons or bodies within the parish structure which are responsible for the various aspects of total parish religious education. It is concerned with the religious education of all the members of the parish.

The goal of the Education Commission is to provide leadership, direction and unity of purpose in the whole field of Catholic education – formal and informal; children’s and adults’; in school and out. The Commission fosters communication, cohesiveness, and collaboration among the various educational entities, provides proper consultation before the formulation of parish goals and insures that the parish mission statement and goals guide the ongoing work of each parish educational entity, office or program.

Human Concerns

The Human Concerns Commissions is to enable the parishioners as individuals, and as members of an institution to fulfill the social, ecumenical, inter-religious and service mission of the parish.

The HCC focuses on our response as a parish to the needs of people who are economically poor, disabled, marginal and fragile. Our task is to assure all people are invited to be full participants in the church.

Promotes a fundamental respect for the dignity of all persons regardless of race, color, gender or creed.

Advances a social environment which is hospitable toward all persons, particularly the stranger and the marginalized

Encourages the promotion and preservation of human dignity.

The mission of HCC is two fold:

To help people understand and act upon the conviction that social justice and concern for others is constitutive of the Gospel message.

To encourage the concet of evangelization, ecumenism, service is the work of the whole church.

Parish Life Commission

The Parish Life Commission is to help build community in the parish and to foster a sense of belonging. This commission encompasses all efforts that can strengthen the Christian community in love. This commission can help bring some freshness of vision into parish organizations and to focus the group’s impact on the communal life of the parish. It does this by promoting communication between parish organizations, coordinating activities and parish events, and helping all those involved in parish groups work together toward a common gaol. The scope of this commission includes all community building events in the parish and also promotes community in the family, neighborhood, and Palos Heights.

Spiritual Life and Worship

The Spiritual Life Commission is to encourage and support the broader vision of evangelization for the life and mission of the parish. The Commission can assist in the development and implementation of strategies and programs that will implement the Council’s goals.

Also, the SLC encourages the work of sanctification, worship and ecumenicism as the work of the entire Church. The SLC oversees and coordinates activities in all three od these areas in keeping with the overall mission and goals of the Parish Pastoral Commission.

For more information regarding the Spiritual Life  and Worship please call Joan DeVito 708-448-4861.